My hip/knee has been bothering me, how can I be seen by a doctor at this clinic?

We accept referrals from family physicians. It is best to see your family doctor first to see what they can recommend for your pain such as medication, exercise, and weight and/or lifestyle management. Your family doctor can also take an x-ray to determine what may be causing your pain and from there may either refer you to us or to a sports medicine doctor, physiotherapist, registered massage therapist or other professional.



What can I expect at my first appointment with the surgeon?

This appointment can be quite lengthy, from about 1 hour total to 3 hours (approximately). You will check in at reception and you may be given an x-ray requisition, x-ray is located in our building. When it is your turn, you will be assessed by the surgeon (it is helpful to bring a pair of shorts with you). During this time the surgeon will have a discussion with you about how to manage your pain/symptoms. If the surgeon decides with you that surgery is not an option for you at this time he/she will help you with conservative treatment. If surgery is an option for you, you will also be assessed by a member of our Rehab Team and you will have to fill out paperwork with a Nurse related to medical history (please bring a list of your current medications/dosage, medical history, e.g. past surgeries, procedures etc.).


How long is the wait to be seen once my referral has been sent by my family doctor?

Unfortunately it is difficult to advise the waitlist time to see a surgeon, as waitlists vary depending on surgeon. However, you may have your referral sent to the Next Available Surgeon, and any surgeon with a smaller waitlist will draw from these referrals. The wait to be seen by the Next Available surgeon tends to be shorter than if sent to a specific surgeon. 

What is the recovery like from a hip or knee replacement?

This varies by the individual. However, we will check on your progress at certain intervals. You will have a 2 week, 6 week and 12 week post-operative appointment. During these appointments you will either see a nurse, a member from our Rehab Team and/or the surgeon. You will also have a team assigned to you once you sign up for surgery, meaning there will be a surgeon, a nurse and medical office assistant to help you through this journey and to answer your questions.


When can I drive/fly/golf after the surgery?

Generally you can drive 6 weeks after the surgery; however it is up to you to ask your surgeon whether or not you are okay to drive. For activities such as flying, golf, yoga etc. it is usually at three months after surgery that you can begin these activities. However, please ask your surgeon as this may not be the same with each patient. We do not advise flying for at least three months as you can develop a serious blood clot in your leg (DVT) or lungs (PE) if you fly too soon. 

Where can I park?

There is a parkade attached to Gulf Canada Square. The entrance is located at 9th Avenue SW and 2nd Street SW. Please enter the Associate clinic doors after you park. You must pay before commencing to the doctor`s office. The payment option is coin or credit card.If you wish to travel via LRT/C-train, coming from the Northeast line or the South line you would disembark at the 4th Street SW Station. Coming from the Northwest line you would disembark at the 3rd Street SW station.

How long is the wait for surgery once I have seen the surgeon?

Unfortunately it is difficult to advise the wait time for surgery with an orthopedic surgeon. Each surgeon has a different amount of patients on his/her waitlist. This also depends on the surgeon’s schedule, the scheduling of the operating rooms and the patients availability.


What is Internal Medicine?

Before your surgery, your surgeon may decide you need to see an Internal Medicine Doctor to assess your heart, lungs and ability to have the surgery. You can find more information about this process and appointment in the education section of our website.


How long is the surgery? How long will I be in the hospital?

The surgery itself is about 100 to 120 minutes long, however you will be in the hospital a few hours before the surgery and you will stay for 1-2 days afterward. You will be assessed by doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists to make sure you are ready for discharge on day 1-2 after the surgery. Before the surgery, at our downtown office, you will have a teaching class that is two hours led by a nurse and a Rehab team member. We will discuss with you what to expect and how to prepare for your operative procedure and for your care afterward.