hip and knee replacement care

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People who are prepared for surgery have better hospital experiences, fewer complications and a smoother recovery.  You've made the decision to have a joint replaced and we will do our very best to ensure your recovery is as speedy as it can be.  Your recovery also depends very much upon you.  You will want to be in as good shape as possible.  Please read this page to help you get guidance that will assist your recovery.  Our goal is to help each patient on their path to relieving the pain of arthritis. Although the process may seem overwhelming at first glance, our staff and team approach will be there every step of the way to ensure that you receive the care you need.​

You can access your GUIDE TO KNEE REPLACEMENT and HIP REPLACEMENT by clicking or the links below.

These guides are comprehensive booklets that are essential in knowing what to do; before, during and after your surgery.  You can print these guides or save them to your computer.  It would also be a good idea to share these guides with your family, care givers, and surgery buddy.  You can easily email them too. 

Exercising is the most important part of preparing for and recovering from your surgery.  Please access the exercise guides down below and refer to them regularly. 









The details of our thorough approach:





Consultation with Surgeon

Consultation with Internal Medicine and/or Anesthesia



Teaching Class


Two Week Appointment

Six Week Appointment

Twelve Week Appointment

One Year Appointment

This visit is to determine if you will be a candidate for surgery. If you are deemed surgical you will then see a Rehab Team member for an assessment and fill out the necessary paperwork with a Nurse. This visit will be approximately three hours. 

This visit is for the Internal Medicine or Anesthesia doctor to clear you for surgery. You must complete the lab requisition given to you when you signed the paperwork for surgery. Please go to the lab approximately two weeks before your appointment. 
On the day of your appointment please remember to bring your medications and EKG to your consultation. This visit will be approximately two hours. Once you are cleared for surgery, you will receive a call from your care team when a surgery date is available. 

This is where we will answer all of your questions and help prepare you for surgery. We will help you understand what to expect after surgery and how to take care of yourself. This visit will be approximately two hours.​

You will need to call the hospital the night before your surgery date to get the time you will need to be at the hospital on the day of your surgery. The average hospital stay is approximately 1-2 nights.​

You will meet with the Nurse to have your staples removed and will also meet with a member of the Rehab team for assessment. This appointment will be given to you at teaching.​

You will meet with you Surgeon and a member of the Rehab team. This appointment will be given to you well in advance. 

You will have new X-rays done and meet with the Surgeon as well as a member of the Rehab team. This appointment will be given to you at teaching.​

You will have new X-rays done and meet with the Surgeon as well as a member of the Rehab team. You will need to call the office about two months before your one year anniversary to arrange an appointment.​



Be pro-active during your rehabilitation, walking is a great form of exercise and there are various programs around Calgary that can help you achieve a successful rehabilitation. The following programs are good suggestions to help you optimize your strength and range of motion.  Stay active to gain strength and range of motion in your new joint.


Low Impact, Gentle Exercise Programs for Arthritis-Related Conditions: 

Alberta Healthy Living Program: (403) 943-2584 | 

University of Calgary Joint Effort Program: (403) 220-8112 | 

Kerby Centre: (403) 750-3232 | 

Calgary Fall Prevention Clinic: (403) 955-1525

Finding Balance Alberta | 


A healthy nutrition is necessary to improve your general health and the health of your new joint. To help maintain a healthy eating habit consider the following resources available to you:

 Health Canada Food Guide: 

Meals on Wheels: (403) 243-2834 | 

Healthy U: (403) 310-000 |  

Achieving a Healthy Weight

Kerby Centre (grocery delivery for low income seniors): (403) 234-6571 

AHS On-line Weight Loss Program



Help to Quit Smoking - Alberta Quits: 1-866-710-7848 | 

Alberta Health Services Home Care Services: (403) 943-1920 Self Referral

Calgary Senior’s Resource Society: (403) 266-6200

Personal Directives Calgary: (403) 297-3364 / 1-877-427-4525

Call 2-1-1 for Information about Community and Social Services



Following surgery, it is important to stay mobile and practice a proper gait when walking. Having the proper walking equipment will help you achieve this. It is also important to have other equipment at home to help you rehab safely. Below are different vendors and organizations where you can get various equipment needed after surgery. Alternatively, you can go to any home medical supply store in your area to rent or purchase the equipment.

Calgary/Lethbridge/Medicine Hat Red Cross (donation-base program)


MEDIchair:   Ability Medical Supplies, Co-Op Home Health Care, Health Plus, Rexall Pharmacy & Medical Supply

Calgary Poppy Fund: (403) 265-6304



 You may not drive for at least six weeks following surgery.  We encourage you to make arrangements with your family and friends for transportation. The services below are good options for alternate transportation.


Driving Miss Daisy

Access Calgary: (403) 537-7770

Dreams Transportation: (403) 590-7433

Black Diamond Regional Commuter Bus Service: (403) 933-7988