Frequently Asked Questions

All patients referred to us are kept on a single waitlist. If there is a cancellation, we simply go down the list and call the next patient until the appointment is filled. The waitlist is ordered by the date we received your referral. The urgency of your condition, as detailed by your family doctor, is considered.

Does my wait time start from the day I get the acceptance package in the mail?

No, you are added to the waitlist the day we receive your referral.

Unfortunately it is difficult to advise the waitlist time to see a surgeon, as waitlists vary depending on surgeon. However, you may have your referral sent to the Next Available Surgeon, and any surgeon with a smaller waitlist can draw from these referrals. The wait to be seen by the Next Available surgeon tends to be shorter than if sent to a specific surgeon.

All patients wait in order from the date their referral was received. We have strict wait-list policies in place to ensure all patients are treated equally and fairly

Use the time you are waiting to see the surgeon and/or for surgery to optimize your health. This will make your experience here at the clinic smoother and timelier. Remain as active as you can; the more physically fit you are, the easier it will be to recover if you have surgery. Manage your other health concerns. If you have untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea or High Blood Pressure, have a high HgbA1C, or are overweight you may experience delays until your health issue is treated. See your General Practitioner (GP) regarding these concerns.

Work with your GP, who knows you best, to determine which ant-inflammatory/pain medications will work best for you. Try and stay or get as healthy as you can. If your GP recommends weight loss, smoking cessation, alcohol reduction, activity modification, a healthier diet or better sleep, listen to him or her. This is a long journey that can be life altering. Your approach to your arthritis will make all the difference in management, surgery and post surgical recovery. Utilize resources that are available to you such as the Arthritis Foundation and the Arthritis Society of Canada to learn ways to stay active and maintain a healthier lifestyle. Stay informed and continue to be active in your arthritis management, this is an essential part to a better and healthier life. See here for more information on self management of your hip or knee