Referral Process



Complete and submit a referral

Fill out and submit a referral with the AHS referral form

Fax the completed form, relevant medical history and recent x-ray report to




We will Get the referral

We will review the referral and respond.

If the referral is accepted, both you and the patient will be notified and provided a wait time estimate.

If the referral is declined, we will inform you and provide suggestions for who may be able to help your patient.



An Appointment is Available

Once an appointment is available, we will contact the patient directly. Following each visit, you will receive a detailed summary of the consultation.

As a health care provider, you can trust our team to take care of your patients with the same excellent quality of care that you do.

21 Surgeons and MSK Specialists.

4000 patients prepared for orthopedic surgery every year.

30,000 patient visits every year.

6000 new referrals received every year.


Dental Preparation

In order to prevent postoperative infections, we recommend that all patients receive a dental exam along with a cleaning prior to total joint replacement surgery. The dental clearance is valid for one year.

Dental Clearance Form
GLA:D Program

GLA:D Canada is an 8 week education and exercise program for those with stiff and/or painful knees and/or hips, or those with hip and/or osteoarthritis. Research shows participants report less pain, reduced use of pain killers, fewer individuals on sick leave, and being more physically active.

GLA:D Program Information
Alberta Obesity Centre

The Alberta Obesity Centre provides a completely virtual, multidisciplinary weight management clinic, that offers all Albertans rapid access to world class obesity experts. This comprehensive care involves cutting edge medical management of obesity within the construct of a multidisciplinary approach, focused on mental health and nutrition.

Alberta Obesity Centre Website