Our Mission

Our goal is to help each patient on their path to relieving the pain of arthritis. Although the process may seem overwhelming at first glance, our staff and team approach will be there every step of the way to ensure that you receive the care you need.

We deliver publicly funded care to Albertans. There is no cost to patients to access care at our clinic. We do not offer private care and you cannot pay to access care at our clinic. For more information about access privately funded care, you can contact https://gatewaysurgery.ca/ or https://clearpointhealth.ca/


To provide evidence-based, patient-focused healthcare services of exceptional quality within a multidisciplinary team approach model.


Independent, effective, patient focused, integrated care for all musculoskeletal patients


To consistently maintain respect for our colleagues, our healthcare partners and our patients
To work at the highest level of performance with a commitment to continuous improvement
To be responsible for decisions that we make and actions that we take
To collaborate with our partners to achieve positive results including AHS and the Alberta Bone & Joint Health Institute
To provide a patient-centered continuum of care model
To manage resources responsibly
To be honest, fair, and trustworthy