The Alberta Hip & Knee Clinic believes research is an essential part of improving care for our patients. Our clinic is a teaching and research facility and our staff and surgeons are committed to leading research to improve care for patients living with osteoarthritis
Research studies can help us improve how we manage care for our patients. Whether you take part or not your will always receive the best available care.

Research Team

The Alberta Hip & Knee Clinic has a dedicated Research Team on site responsible for oversight of all clinic research activities.

Current Initiatives

The Alberta Hip & Knee Clinic is currently engaged in over 30 active research studies. During your visit with us, we may talk to you about being part of one of our health research studies. We also invite you to ask about being part of a study. To learn more about how to participate in this work, talk to a member of your care team.


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Research Funding

The Alberta Hip & Knee Clinic has partnered with the University of Calgary to advance the scientific knowledge of Orthopaedic Surgery, in the field of joint reconstruction, by conducting quality research projects in an effort to improve care to patients with osteoarthritis. If you are interested in donating to this work: